Key Publications

Title/LinkAuthor/GroupYearNature and/or ClimateIntended AudienceType of publication (Article, Academic Article, Report, White Paper, etc)Category of mechanism (Generate, Deliver, Realign, Avoid)
A Call for Action: Climate change
as a source of financial risk
NGFS (Network for Greening the Financial System) 2019climatecentral banks; policymakersRealign
Biodiversity: Finance and the economic and business case for actionOECD2019natureG7 Environment ministers; framing for CBD 2020Realign
Fitch adds environmental risk metric to mortgage-backed securities ratingsCNBC News2019nature
Global assessment report on biodiversity and ecosystem servicesIPBES Diaz, Settle, & Brondizio2019naturepolicymakersRealign
Into the wild: Integrating nature into investment strategiesAXA and WWF-France2019natureG7 Environment ministers; finance instutionsRealign
Making finance serve natureFinance Watch (Ludovic Suttor-Sorel)2019naturepolicymakersRealign
Sustainability and Satellites: New frontiers in soverign debt investingInvestec Asset Management and WWF2019naturesovereign debt investors
Sustainability Improvement Loans: a risk-based approach to changing capital requirements in favor of sustainability outcomes2019
The Sustainable Development Goals and the future of corporate reportingCorporate Reporting Dialogue2019general
Underwriting environmental, social and governance risks in non-life insurance businessUNEP & PRI2019natureinsurance industryRealign
Values at risk? Sustainability risks and goals in the Dutch financial sector Schellekens & van Toor2019naturefinance institutionsRealign
Measuring and managing environmental exposure: A business sector analysis of natural capital riskAllianz2018naturebusinessesRealign
Aiming higher to bend the curve of biodiversity lossMace et al.2018natureacademicsRealign
Climate change and the macro-economy: a critical reviewBank of England (Batten, Sandra)2018climateeconomists, central banksRealign
Climate change challenges for central banks and financial regulatorsCampiglio, Dafermos, Monnin, Ryna-Collins, Schotten & Tanaka2018climateresearchers, banksRealign
Connecting finance and natural capital: A supplement to the natural capital protocolNatural Capital Coalition & Natural Capital Finance Alliance2018natureESG analysts, environmental managers, etc working in financial institutionsRealign
Exploring natural capital opportunities, risks and exposure: A practical guide for financial institutionsNatural Capital Finance Alliance and UN Environment WCMC2018naturefinance institutionsRealign
Global Climate Change Analysis 2018CDP2018
Global Risks 2018: Fractures, fears and failuresWorld Economic Forum2018naturebusinessesRealign
Integrating natural capital in risk assessments: A step-by-step guide for banksNatural Capital Finance Alliance & Pricewaterhouse Coopers2018naturefinance institutionsRealign
Making Waves: Aligning the financial system with sustainable developmentUNEP Inquiry (Zadek and Robins)2018naturepolicymakersRealign
S&P Global Ratings’ Proposal For Environmental, Social, And Governance (ESG) EvaluationsS&P2018naturebusinesses, FIsRealign
Stranded Assets and the EnviromentCaldecott, Ben2018natureresearchersRealign
The private sector’s climate change risk and adaptation blind spotsGoldstein, Turner, Gladstone, & Hole2018climateresearchersRealign
Environmental Risks Global Heatmap OverviewMoody's2018natureinvestorsRealign
Advancing TCFD guidance on physical climate risks and opportunities Four Twenty Seven and Acclimatise for EBRD2018climateregulatorsRealign
Better Business Better WorldBusiness & Sustainable Development Commission2017
Enhancing environmental risk assessment in financial descision-makingGreen Finance Study Group [GFSG]2017naturepublic institutionsRealign
GMAPIFC2017Financial intermediaries
How Does S&P Global Ratings Incorporate Environmental, Social, And Governance Risks Into Its Ratings AnalysisS&P2017
Implementing the Recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures
(Annex to 'Recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial Disclosures)
TCFD2017climatebusinesses and finance institutionsRealign
Recommendations of the Task Force on Climate-related Financial DisclosuresTCFD2017climatebusinessesRealign
Biodiversity and ecosystem services: the business case for managing risk and creating opportunityThe Biodiversity Consultancy2017naturebusinessesRealign
Net Positive Impact on biodiversity:
The business case
Economics of Land Degradation Initiative: Report for the private sector. Sustainable land management – A business opportunity.Cornell, A., Weier, J., Stewart, N., Spurgeon, J., Etter, H., Thomas, R., Favretto, N, Chilombo, A.,
van Duivenbooden, N., van Beek, C., and de Ponti, T / GIZ
‘Climate value at risk’ of global financial assetsDietz, Bowen, Dixon, & Gradwell2016climateresearchers, businessesRealign
Let’s talk about the weather: the impact of climate change on central banksBank of England (Batten, Sowerbutts and Tanaka)2016climateeconomists, central banksRealign
Natural Capital Protocol Principles and FrameworkNatural Capital Coalition2016natureorganizations, businessesRealign
Natural Capital ProtocolNatural Capital Coalition2016natureorganizations, businessesRealign
Statement of Common Principles of Materiality of the Corporate Reporting DialogueCorporate Reporting Dialogue2016natureinvestors, regulatorsRealign
Stranded Assets in Palm Oil Production: A case study of IndonesiaUNEP/SSEE
Morel, Friedman, Tulloch, Caldecott
2016natureresearchers, practitionersRealign
A Framework for Protected Area Asset ManagementUNEP/SSEE
Paul Jepson, Caldecott, Milligan, Chen
2015naturedecision-makers, investorsRealign
Breaking the tragedy of the horizon – climate change and financial stabilityCarney, Mark (Bank of England; with Phillips, Rhys and Weymarn, Ian de)2015climateinsurance/finance institutionsRealign
Linking forest ecosystem services to corporate sustainability disclosure: A conceptual analysisD’Amato, Li, Rekola, Toppinen, & Lu2015natureresearchersRealign
The cost of inaction: Recognising the value at risk from climate changeEconomist Intelligence Unit2015climateFIsRealign
Toward a risk register for natural capital?Mace et al 2015naturepolicymakers, researchersRealign
Unhedgeable risk: How climate change sentiment impacts investmentUniversity of Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership (CISL)2015
Environmental and Social RisksERBD2014natureERBD's financial intermediariesRealign
IPCC AR5 Climate Change 2014: Impacts, Adaptation, and VulnerabilityIPCC2014climatepolicy makers, governments, researchers, other stakeholdersRealign
Financial Dynamics of the Environment: Risks, Impacts, and Barriers to Resilience Working Paper for the UNEP InquiryUNEP/SSEE
Caldecott and McDaniels
2014naturefinance sectorRealign
Risky Business: The economic risks of climate change in the United StatesGordon2014climatepolicy makers, governments, stakeholdersRealign
The New Climate Economy
Better Growth, Better Climate
The New Climate Economy2014climategovernment, businessesRealign
Opportunity Lost: Mitigating risk and making the most of your land assets. An assessment of the exposure of business to land degradation risk and the opportunities inherent in sustainable land managementELD Initiative2013naturebusinessesRealign
Identifying natural capital risk and materialityHewitt et al. 2013natureorganizationsRealign
Natural Capital at Risk: The Top 100 Externalities of BusinessTrucost2013naturecompanies, investors, governments, TEEB business coalitionRealign
Private-sector adaptation to climate riskSurminski2013climateresearchersRealign
Weathering the storm: Building business resilience to climate changeCenter for Climate and Energy Solutions2013climatepolicy makers, organizationsRealign
Harnessing nature to help people adapt to climate changeJones, Hole, & Zavaleta2012natureresearchersRealign
Is natural capital a material issue?Bonner et al.2012natureCFOs and accountantsRealign
Managing the Risks of Extreme Events and Disasters to Advance Climate Change Adaptation
(SREX report)
Field et al eds.
2012climatepolicymakers, researchersRealign
Risk ready: New approaches to environmental and social changePwC2012natureBusinesses and finance institutionsRealign
The Corporate Ecosystem Services Review: Guidelines for Identifying Business Risks and Opportunities Arising from Ecosystem Change. Version 2.0. [ESR]Hanson, C., J. Ranganathan, C. Iceland, and J. Finisdore / WRI, Meridian Institute, WBCSD2012naturebusinesses Realign
The Economics of Ecosystems and Biodiversity in Business and EnterpriseTEEB2012naturebusinesses and finance institutionsRealign
Universal Ownership: Why environmental externalities matter to institutional investors UNEP FI & PRI2011natureInstitutional investorsRealign
Biodiversity and Business RiskWEF 2010natureproduced for participants in biodiversity discussions at WEF annual meetingRealign
The cost of policy inactionBraat & ten Brink2008natureEuropean Commission, for Review on the Economics of Biodiversity LossRealign
A “Silent Spring” for the Financial System? Exploring Biodiversity-Related Financial Risks in France Romain, Espagne Etienne, Gauthey Julien, Hadji-Lazaro Paul, Salin Mathilde, Allen Thomas, Berger Joshua, Calas Julien, Godin Antoine, Vallier Antoine2021Nature
The value of the world’s ecosystem services and natural capitalCostanza et al. *1997natureresearchersRealign