Peer-reviewed Papers


"Catalyzing Fisheries Conservation Investment"

This paper identifies obstacles constraining investments in global wild-caught fisheries through literature review and practitioner interviews with the goal of improving sustainable management. It identifies potential solutions to overcome barriers to investment including capacity building, novel investment vehicles, increased stakeholder communication, and better metrics. 

Fitzgerald, Timothy; Higgins, Phoebe; Quilligan, Emma; Sethi, Suresh; Tobin-de la Puente, John. “Catalyzing fisheries conservation investment” Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment. 18.3 (2020): 151-158

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"Innovative Finance for Conservation: Roles for Ecologists and Practitioners"

“Innovative Finance for Conservation: Roles for Ecologists and Practitioners” summarizes many challenges and opportunities pertaining to the mobilization of private capital towards conservation. The research pays particular attention to the role of consistent and accountable frameworks in guiding project design, implementation, monitoring, and evaluations, while also ensuring flexibility, performance, and salience for stakeholders.

Rodewald, A.D.; Arcese, P.; Tobin-de la Puente, John; Sayer, J.; Hawkins, F.; et al. “Innovative finance for conservation: roles for ecologists and practitioners”. Issues in Ecology. 22 (2020): 1-35

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