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Transaction The Nature Conservancy

TNC Issues New $2bn Bond

Private investors are seeking to ramp up financing of projects that protect and restore nature this year but are struggling to find enough suitable deals, researchers said on Wednesday.


Governments urged to redirect $1trn of 'planet-wrecking' subsidies to nature conservation and restoration

Governments collectively funnel more than $1trn of subsidies into businesses that harm nature, including fossil fuel majors, mining giants and industrial agriculture, every year.

Le Monde

Un signal financier positif donne confiance dans la possibilité de la transition

Quels financements sont aujourd’hui dévolus à la nature et quels investissements sont nécessaires ? C’est pour répondre à ces questions que l’ONG internationale Gobal Canopy publie lundi 11 janvier, à l’occasion du One planet summit, Le Petit livre de l’investissement pour la nature.

Cornell Chronicle

Cornell, Nature Conservancy to study key climate projects

A new collaboration between the Cornell Atkinson Center for Sustainability and The Nature Conservancy (TNC) this year will fund three studies that could have significant ramifications in the face of intensifying climate change.

Dyson Businessfeed

John Tobin-de la Puente is bridging the gap between private investment and conservation

John Tobin-de la Puente, professor of practice at Dyson, is on a mission to bring about positive environmental change through the power of private investment.


Conservation finance: Can banks embrace natural capital?

Climate is no longer the only risk in town: thanks to a loud call from the scientific community, nature has finally been given a seat at the table with finance ministers, regulators, and central bank governors.

Cornell Chronicle

AI helps shrink Amazon dams’ greenhouse gas emissions

Hydropower dams can provide large quantities of energy with carbon footprints as low as sources like solar and wind. But because of how they’re formed, some dams emit dangerously high levels of greenhouse gases, threatening sustainability goals.